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Torrents for Kino's Travels

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Also known as:   Kino no Tabi
Kino`s Journey
Episodes:   1 (Special) + 2 (Movie)  
Vintage:   March 2003
Genre(s):   Adventure, Drama
More info:   Default: AnimeSuki Forum, ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, Wiki, Official Site, AnimeNfo
Movie 1: AnimeNfo, ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, Official Site
Movie 2: AnimeSuki Forum, AnimeNfo, ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, Official Site
Description:   Although the main series is licensed by ADV Films, the evidence is that they did not license either the special or the movies.
  • The special is also known as Episode 0. Its full title is -Free Lance- The Tower Country and it is only 12 minutes long.
  • The first movie is titled Life Goes On and despite being a movie, it is only 30 minutes long, released 19th Feb 2005.
  • The second movie is titled The Country of Disease. Also 30 minutes long, released 24th April 2007.

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 Status   Release   FileReverse Sort Order   Group   Size   UL   DL   
 Active   2005-04-22  Kino's Travels Life Goes On  L-E & A-Et & A-Kingdom   233.2 Mb.  0 0    
 Active   2007-12-31  Kino's Travels The Country of Disease  3D-Fansubs   202.8 Mb.     
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