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Torrents for Studio 4C

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Episodes:   n/a
Vintage:   2002
More info:   Default: ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, Anime-Planet, Wiki, Official Site
Comedy: ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, AniRec Database
Digital Juice: ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, AniRec Database
Eternal Family: ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, AniRec Database
Tobira wo Akete: ANN Encyclopedia, AniRec Database, Jolly Roger
Hijikata Toshizo: ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, AniRec Database, Jolly Roger
Description:   Studio 4C was founded by Eiko Tanaka (CEO and producer), Koji Morimoto (animator) and Yoshiharu Satoh in 1986. Besides larger productions like Memories, Spriggan, Noiseman, Animatrix and Steamboy, the studio has also produced a number of filmlets, video clips and commercials.
  • Digital Juice is a DVD released in 2002 by Studio 4°C, collecting various short works done from 1999 to 2001.
  • Tobira wo Akete was released in 1995 by Studio 4°C and has no relation to the 1986 movie of the same name.
  • Sweat Punch is a collection of Studio 4°C releases: Proffesor Dan Petory's Blues, End of the World, Comedy and Higan.
  • Kung Fu Love and Global Astroliner are pilots for possible feature films by Yasuhiro Aoki and Daisuke Nakayama! (respectively) They are both connected to short music videos that Studio 4°C included in their Amazing Nuts collection.

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 Status   Release   FileReverse Sort Order   Group   Size   UL   DL   
 Active   2004-11-02  Studio 4C Digital Juice  Wizzu & st-LAW   358.6 Mb.     
 Active   2011-05-08  Studio 4C Amazing Nuts!  ray=out   576.0 Mb.  7 0    
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