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License Rumors

These licenses a rumored, but unconfirmed.

Da Capo - ?
King Records stated at Otakon 2004 that the license for Da Capo will be announced within three months. It is unknown whether they only talked about the soundtrack or know something about the anime as well. [ source: ANN
Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z - Cartoon Network
On several websites the news has appeared that Ocean Group (a dubbing studio) has been contracted to dub this series. Without further information we're considering this series as unlicensed for the moment, but considering it's originally based on a series from Cartoon Network, it's quite possible they have it. [ source: AnimeSuki Forum
Dr. Slump (aka Dr. Slump & Arale-chan) - Funimation
See the "whois" record of While a domain registration is a strong indication a company has the title or is trying to get it, we consider it unconfirmed for now. Update March 2007: The domain has now expired.
Galaxy Angel (Season 4) - Bandai
All of Galaxy Angel have been removed from AnimeSuki at the request of Bandai. Until Bandai makes a formal announcement however we've marked it as a rumor in the database, but feel free to make your own conclusions.
Kiba - ?
Shown and Anime Boston 2007. Shortly after some news leaked that Kiba has been licensed by UpperDeck and AniPlex. However, as UpperDeck is a company that essentially is only interested in the trading card merchandise related to Kiba, we do not consider it licensed yet until a TV or DVD deal is announced. [ source: Anime Boston site
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - ADV Films
License announced at A-Kon 2004. Update: ADV films announced at AnimeNext 2005 that they've passed on the license for this title as they deemed it would not make any money without a TV deal, which fell through. [ source: AnimeOnDVD, ANN
Monkey Turn - Viz
Listed in the menu of the presentation disc on San Diego Comic Com 2005, but without content. [ source: AnimeOnDVD
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