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License Database

While there are several other sites that have overviews of titles that have been licensed, AnimeSuki also has its own list which we try to keep updated with the most recent licenses. It also lists titles which we'd like to emphasize on being licensed. Please note that this database isn't designed to be a comprehensive list of all licensed anime.


This database is incomplete. Specifically it lacks information about older licenses (pre 2002/3). If a series is not listed here, please check the details with another source. For example: ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, AnimeNfo, or Wikipedia.


Recent Licenses

 DateReverse Sort Order   Title   Company   Method 
 2014-03-25   Haikyuu!!   Sentai Filmworks   Press Release 
 2014-03-22   Nanana's Buried Treasure   Aniplex of America   Anime Boston 2014 
 2014-03-22   Mekaku City Actors   Aniplex of America   Anime Boston 2014 
 2014-03-22   Mushishi: The Next Chapter   Aniplex of America   Anime Boston 2014 
 2014-03-22   The irregular at magic high school   Aniplex of America   Anime Boston 2014 
 2014-03-19   Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they?   Sentai Filmworks   Press Release 
 2014-02-26   School Days   Discotek   Press Release 
 2014-02-25   Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero   Sentai Filmworks   Press Release 
 2014-02-12   Ah My Buddha   Rightstuf   Press Release 
 2014-02-06   The Pilot's Love Song   NIS America   Press Release 
 2014-02-05   Fuse: Memoirs of a Huntress   NIS America   Press Release 
 2014-02-04   Chunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren   Sentai Filmworks   Press Release 
 2014-01-31   DearS   Discotek   Facebook 
 2014-01-31   Lupin III: The Hemingway Papers   Discotek   Facebook 
 2014-01-24   Nobunaga the Fool   Sentai Filmworks   Press Release 
 2014-01-23   Sakura Trick   Sentai Filmworks   Press Release 
 2014-01-22   Wizard Barristers   Sentai Filmworks   Press Release 
 2014-01-21   Super Sonico the Animation   Sentai Filmworks   Press Release 
 2014-01-20   Magical Warfare   Sentai Filmworks   Press Release 
 2014-01-15   Nyaruko: Crawling With Love!   NIS America   Press Release 
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