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RSS and XML are two different ways of allowing information from AnimeSuki to be read by applications other than a web browser. For example the RSS page can be used to automatically notify you of new torrents without even visiting the site.


The name RSS is an acronym for Real Simple Syndication. It presents new torrents as small news messages. Specialized RSS readers such as Sharp Reader and Feed Reader usually sit in the system tray and show little pop-up messages when there are new torrents to report. Of course there are tons of RSS readers to choose from for all platforms. There are even services that will send you an email when news is added to the RSS page. The URL of the AnimeSuki RSS page is:

FireFox Live Bookmarks FireFox Live Bookmarks
If you are using FireFox, just click on the orange icon in the lower right corner to use AnimeSuki's RSS page as Live Bookmark.

Automated RSS import scripts
Some automated RSS import scripts (such as the RSS Feed Scanner plugin for Azureus) may not work well as by default the AnimeSuki RSS page uses the site link and not a direct link to each torrent. Ideally such RSS import scripts should simply support enclosures. As a work-around though, you could use the following URL in the RSS import script instead:

Alternative style
Certain RSS feed parsers (such as uTorrent's RSS feature) rely on "TV Style" episode numbering for filtering episode numbers from RSS feeds. TV style episode numbering features a season number, for example 2x15, which refers to season 2 episode 15. Even though season numbering is largely irrelevant for fansubs, the episode number is padded with "1x" in the alternative style to increase compatibility with RSS feed parsers that rely on season numbering.

Notice: since is updated only every 15 minutes, please do not set your RSS reader to fetch the RSS page more often than every 15 minutes at most! Preferable refresh setting would be every 30 or 60 minutes.


The AnimeSuki XML page offers much more information than the RSS page, but is intended more for webmasters who want to syndicate part of AnimeSuki on their site. You could use the XML page to show the latest torrents from AnimeSuki on your site's news page, or you could use it to syndicate a complete copy of a series page from AnimeSuki (as was done in the past for Naruto by some sites). The URL of the AnimeSuki XML page is:

An example PHP script that converts the XML page to a PHP array can be downloaded here: (1 Kb). Absolutely no support can be provided on this script however: how to adapt this script for your own use is entirely up to you. More info can be found in this thread on the AnimeSuki forum.

The AnimeSuki XML page allows a few options to be passed in the query string:

This option specifies what kind of list should be returned. The added and releases options return the most recent torrents by added date (to the site) or release date (by the fansub group) respectively. The groups and series options return all torrents for a specific group or series (this requires the id option, see below). The resharing option return all torrents from the Resharing Requested page. Default value for this option is added.

You can use this option to sort the added, releases and groups return types by file name instead of by date. The series return type is automatically sorted by file name. The resharing return type is automatically sorted by number of leechers in descending order. Ideally sorting should be done in your own script however; this option is deprecated.

cutoff={unix timestamp}
Allows you to specify how much torrents you want to see for the added and releases return types. Torrents older than the date you specify won't be included (hence the name "cutoff"). Note that to preserve bandwidth the maximum date you can specify is about 10 days ago. This option has no effect on the groups, series and resharing return types.

Specifies which groups or series page you want returned if you use the groups or series return type. The id number is in the URL of the page on AnimeSuki, for example the Kokoro Library series page has id 167.

Here are a few example URLs:
This returns a list of most recent torrents by added date from the past 5 days sorted by added date.
This returns a list of most recent torrents by release date from the past 10 days (=max) sorted by file name.
This returns a list of torrents for Kokoro Library sorted by file name.

Copyright Notice: you are allowed to use the AnimeSuki XML page to show part of the site (new torrents or torrents for specific series for example) on your own website. Creating a complete copy of is not allowed however.
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