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History of AnimeSuki

Last year the anniversary of AnimeSuki past unnoticed, but I decided not to let the same thing happen a second time. It is on this day, "second Christmas day" (in the Netherlands), otherwise simply known as December 26, that AnimeSuki as you see it was created, now two years ago. Unfortunately that time hasn't been without it's ups and downs. Allow me to tell me the story of how AnimeSuki started.

In the beginning
I registered the domain name actually approximately 3 years ago (in 2001), quite a while before the site really got going. I registered it with the intention of putting a anime related site on it at some time, but oddly I didn't know what kind of site I would put on it yet.

Fast forward to October 2002. It's about this time I first got in contact with BitTorrent, when looking for episodes of Star Trek Enterprise in SVCD format (800 Mb/episode). After reading about the principles of BitTorrent, I figured it would be ideal for distributing anime fansubs as well. So I decided to start a site to distribute anime through BitTorrent.

Unfortunately, as lazy as I am, I didn't really get it off the ground. So near the end of November 2002 it was not my site, but a site called (now: run by "mxs" that hosted the first fansub on BitTorrent (as far as I know): Hikaru no Go 53 by Real-Fansubbers.

Still lazy, I didn't start my own anime BitTorrent site, but rather started to collect anime BitTorrent links in the forum of an emulation site that I own (The Emulator Zone). Eventhough the forum has been "reset" in the meanwhile, I've dug up an old backup. Click here to see how the thread looked like. Please don't mind my "clich

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