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Site Guide

What is AnimeSuki?

AnimeSuki is a collection of BitTorrent links to unlicensed English anime fansubs. The links are organized in various ways: by date, by group, by series etc, so that you can easily find what you want. For more information on what AnimeSuki lists see our listing policy. Note that AnimeSuki only lists BitTorrent links: we do not host any of the files mentioned, nor do we even host anything related to BitTorrent (torrent files or tracker).

Torrent lists

Now let's take a look at the colums of the torrent lists like the ones that can be found on many pages of the site:
  • status: shows "Active" for active links; "Inactive" for dead links (these will dissappear after 3 days) and "Licensed" for licensed links (which are not clickable). The status column is not shown on all torrent lists.

  • added / release: shows the date the torrent was added to the site or the date the fansub group released the file to the public, respectively. The added date is only shown in the Recently Added list on the main page.

  • : if this symbol is displayed in front of the file description, it means there is more than one torrent link for the same file. If the primary link does not work, click on this symbol to see alternative links on the details page.

  • file: shows series title, episode number(s) and sometimes version number and/or a comment.

  • group: shows the fansub group(s) who fansubbed the file(s). The link leads to the group page for the fansub group.

  • size: filesize of the file (or batch) in megabytes.

  • ul: The number of people who participate in distributing the file even though they already have it completely. These people are often called seeders. If you see a 0 here (but not in the next column), then there is no one who has the complete file at the time that the information was gathered by AnimeSuki. This does not mean it is impossible to get the complete file, but it is rather unlikely. Nevertheless you can start the download and if the download gets stuck, you can call for help by posting in the Resharing Requests forum.

  • dl: The number of people who haven't yet finished downloading the file (but are also helping out in distributing the file by uploading what they already have). These people are often called leechers.

  • more on ul & dl:
    • If both columns are showing 0 AnimeSuki may have issues acquiring the information from the tracker. This condition is usually temporary and could for example be caused by a busy (but functional) tracker. Only rarely will this mean you can't download the file.

    • If both colums are showing this symbol: it means AnimeSuki was unable to contact the tracker to retreive the information due to connection issues. This issues might be just temporary or just between AnimeSuki and the tracker, so it's better to try nevertheless. However be prepared for the fact that the download may not work. Click on the warning symbol for more information about possible tracker down time.

    • If both columns are showing "-" this means either the torrent was added in the past few minutes (and the information hasn't been gathered yet) or AnimeSuki is not able to retrieve this information (for example if the tracker does make this information public).
  • : this symbol leads to the details page for the torrent, which contains more information about the torrent.

  • : this page leads to the series page. If you want to find other episodes of the same series, just click this symbol.

Sections / Menu

AnimeSuki is split up in various sections. A short overview based on the menu structure:
  • Anime
    • Recent Torrents (the main page): lists all the torrents that were added in the past few days, up to a maximum of 50 torrents (for older torrents, see the Archive page). Occasionally some news may be listed on the main page in red. Please take a note of it - if you are experiencing trouble with the site or some torrents, these red notices might tell you why. Also check if there is warning saying "this mirror is out of date" near the Recently Updated part. It will tell you if the mirror you are looking at is up-to-date. If it isn't, please try another mirror instead.

    • Releases: lists all torrents alphabetically (one page per letter). This is kind of an obsolete section of the site from the time there were few torrents in the database. Back in those days the Releases page was also just one page (which is unthinkable now).

    • Groups: lists all torrents by fansub group. Just click on a fansub group name to view all their torrents and for a link to their website and IRC channel (if available). Note to fansub groups: if the website or IRC info on AnimeSuki needs to be changed, just mention it in along with a torrent submission in the Torrent Submissions forum or create a thread about it in the Forum & Site Feedback forum.

    • Series: lists all torrents by series. Series are shown in several kinds of lists: alphabetic, all complete series (whole series available for download from BitTorrent), recent series (which first aired on TV or was for sale in Japan in the past 3 months), series by genre and detailed view (which displays certain info in one list).

      Each series page may also list extra information apart from torrents, such as atlternative titles, episode count, vintage (date first episode aired on TV or was for sale), genres and info links. Especially those info links can be useful for finding out what a series is about.

    • Resharing: if you want to help out resharing seedless torrents, check out this list of seedless torrents.

  • Help & Info
    • Licensed Anime: this article explains what licensed anime is and how it affects fansubbing.

    • License Database: lists all new licenses from the past few years. Also has links to sites where you can find out about older licenses.

    • FAQ: frequently asked questions (please check this page before asking any questions).

    • Site Guide: is what you are reading now.

    • Articles: list of articles which didn't fit in the menu structure.

  • AnimeSuki
    • Torrents: used to list AnimeSuki's own torrents. They have been moved to now.

    • Mirrors: lists alternative mirrors for AnimeSuki. It is wise to bookmark one or two of these mirrors. If the main AnimeSuki website ever goes down, you can still access the site through a mirror site.

    • RSS & XML: detailed explanation about the RSS and XML page of AnimeSuki.

    • Forum: busy community forum for pretty much anything anime related.

    • Contact: you can find our email address on this page.

  • Search
    • This menu item shows a search window where you can search for series, groups or specific episodes. For more information, see the Search Help page.


AnimeSuki was originally created by GHDpro on December 26, 2002. However the site wouldn't have gotten this far without some great staff members to assist him: The staff members marked (IRC) can often be found in AnimeSuki's IRC channel. Thanks also goes to all other people who help AnimeSuki, like: server admins (for hosting), forum admins and moderators and IRC channel operators.

Based on The Ultimate Guide to AnimeSuki by JustAnotherFan
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